Febi Integrated System Officially Launched to Enhance Academic and Administrative Services at the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business UIN SAIZU Purwokerto

Purwokerto, December 28, 2023 – The Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI) at the State Islamic University Prof. K.H. Saifuddin Zuhri Purwokerto held the launch event for the Febi Integrated System on Wednesday, December 28, 2023, in the Febi meeting room on the 3rd floor. This integrated system is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of academic services and correspondence within the faculty.

The Febi Integrated System is a modern solution that integrates various aspects of academic and administrative services at Febi UIN Purwokerto. The system is expected to provide convenience for students, lecturers, and administrative staff in accessing information and completing administrative processes.

In his address, Febi Dean Jamal Abdul Aziz stated that the launch of the Febi Integrated System is a strategic step in advancing the service system within the faculty. “With the presence of the Febi Integrated System, we are committed to providing better and more responsive services to the entire academic community at Febi UIN Purwokerto,” said Jamal Abdul Aziz.

Additionally, Jamal Abdul Aziz highlighted the importance of technology in supporting educational and administrative processes in this digital era. “The Febi Integrated System is here to provide the best experience in academic and administrative services. We believe that technology is the key to achieving these goals,” said Jamal Abdul Aziz.

The launch event of the Febi Integrated System also featured a simulation session by Febi Head of Administration (TU), Sapuan, demonstrating directly the system’s outstanding features and functionalities. The simulation provided a real-world overview of how students and faculty staff can utilize the Febi Integrated System in their day-to-day academic and administrative activities.

With the official launch of the Febi Integrated System, it is expected that the quality of academic and administrative services at Febi UIN Purwokerto will further improve, contributing positively to the learning and working experiences of the entire academic community within the faculty.

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