International Conference and Sharia Economics Study Program Consortium in Mataram: UIN SAIZU Purwokerto Faculty Members Participate

Purwokerto, December 2, 2023 – Several students and lecturers from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI) at UIN SAIZU Purwokerto actively participated in the International Conference held at Hotel Lombok Astoria, Mataram, on November 27-28, 2023. The event was presented by UIN Mataram and involved various campus elements from across Indonesia.

Participants from UIN SAIZU Purwokerto who contributed to the event included Dewi Laela Hilyatin, Yoiz Shafrani, Rahmini Hadi, Hastin Tri Utami, Naelul Edwin, and Ma’ruf Hidayat. These six individuals represented the diversity of research and thinking in the field of Sharia economics.

At the international conference, participants from UIN SAIZU Purwokerto presented their research papers, covering various aspects of Islamic economics and business. They had the opportunity to share thoughts and knowledge with participants from other institutions, bringing new insights into the development of Sharia economics.

In addition to paper presentations, the event also included the inauguration and working meeting of the Sharia Economics study program consortium. This provided an opportunity for participants to collaborate more closely in enhancing the quality of education and research in the field of Sharia economics.

The event at Hotel Lombok Astoria, Mataram, served not only as a venue for scholarly discussions but also as a platform for sharing and discussing the improvement of journal quality. Participants shared their experiences and insights on how to enhance the quality of academic journals as a means of disseminating and exchanging knowledge within the academic community.

The active participation of UIN SAIZU Purwokerto faculty members not only reflects their dedication to the development of Sharia economics but also strengthens UIN SAIZU Purwokerto’s position as an academic center committed to quality research and education in the context of Islamic economics and business.

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