FEBI UIN SAIZU Lecturer Shares Knowledge at UIN Mataram on Mapping the Potential of Halal Tourism in Lombok

Mataram, November 28, 2023 – In an effort to enhance collaboration and knowledge exchange among Islamic universities, Dewi Laela Hilyatin, M.Si., a lecturer from the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business (FEBI) at UIN SAIZU Purwokerto, conducted a visit as a visiting lecturer at the Faculty of Islamic Economics and Business at UIN Mataram.

As the Secretary of the Department of Sharia Economics and Finance, Dewi Laela Hilyatin brought an interesting topic related to halal tourism. In her teaching session, she thoroughly discussed “Mapping the Potential of Halal Tourism in Lombok,” a topic of interest considering the natural and cultural richness of the beautiful island.

In her presentation, Dewi Laela Hilyatin provided deep insights into the potential of halal tourism in Lombok, emphasizing the uniqueness and beauty of tourist destinations that can attract Muslim tourists. Additionally, she shared practical experiences in identifying, measuring, and developing the potential of halal tourism as part of local economic development.

“We must understand that halal tourism is not just about halal food but also involves other aspects such as accommodation, recreation, and other activities that align with Sharia principles,” expressed Dewi Laela Hilyatin during the Q&A session.

The event was attended enthusiastically by students and lecturers at UIN Mataram, who welcomed Dewi Laela Hilyatin’s presence as an expert in the field of Islamic economics and finance. This is a positive step in building academic networks and expanding students’ insights into the field of halal tourism.

Dewi Laela Hilyatin’s visit is expected to be a starting point for further collaboration between UIN SAIZU Purwokerto and UIN Mataram, as well as encouraging students to better understand the potential and opportunities in the halal tourism sector, which is currently gaining global attention.

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